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Reviews by Students and Alumni


john doe Says:

Overall Experience:

unorganized and undermanned staff, many school hours seem to be uselessly wasted or filled with off subject material , left this student feeling there was much more that could have been taught with the given equipment and resources at the school....See Full Review


Dave Says:

Overall Experience:

Waste of time and money, there wasn't even enough tables or chairs for two people per table. Almost a diploma mill. Teaching Faculty with the exception of one seem to be burn outs, who brag about themself. And the job placement part is they teach you...See Full Review


pisseddiver Says:

Overall Experience:

What a JOKE! What a waste of time and MONEY. Owned by a [darn] that is a racist and an EVIL person. Was rude to my family at graduation. Don't do it!...See Full Review


tpfitzgibbon Says:

Overall Experience:

Having gone there as a student and later returning as a instructor you might think my review a little bias.But I have nothing to gain by lying to you.the woman who runs the school is a hard woman,and if you need mothering you should be looking else w...See Full Review


maddiver Says:

Overall Experience:

Owner is rude! You buy stuff you don't need or can buy other places. She just wants the money and does not care about you! Recruiter tells you what you want to hear and LIES in the process. Recruiter is not even a diver nor has he ever been one! ...See Full Review


marineemom Says:

Overall Experience:

School had a great staff, all Navy Divers with plenty of experince. Welding classs was top notch and instructor was stright from the AWS. School has definetly upgraded the program and builing as well. Classroom were well equiped and material was well...See Full Review


crabcakes Says:

Overall Experience:

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!! Find another school, they "specialize" in underwater welding... i just graduated with 45min worth of wet welding, and personally taught most of my class how to weld. Complete joke. Very disorganized, most of there ...See Full Review


YouAlreadyKnow Says:

Overall Experience:

Gibbons is right that you always deal with good and bad wherever you go, and the schooling is what you make it, and it is your choice to buy whatever brand of gear you want whether you get it from the school store or not. But there are some key thing...See Full Review


keeplooking Says:

Overall Experience:

The student loan program can also be used for equipment the equipment that is sold to you is marked up 200% there is no job placement really there are lots of dive schools all pumping out 20 or more students a month DAI is over priced and the quality...See Full Review


Big D Says:

Overall Experience:

School gives the basic with very little water time. the owner is mainly interested is taking young peoples money. Very little work in the field after graduation, drop out rate for career is 96%. Better of finding a different career!...See Full Review


daman7112003@yahoo.com Says:

Overall Experience:

The school was ok for the most part. The teachers were nice and got the education that I thought I would. I just wished we maybe had a longer lunch break. The training had a lot of hands on trainging which I liked. Found a job pretty quickly after ...See Full Review


disgruntled Says:

Overall Experience:

An all around miserable waste of time and money. I spent over 20,000$ and 5 months at this school to graduate top of my class and still have 0 job prospects. The schools idea of job placement is an outdated list of companies that may or may not even ...See Full Review


ronald488 Says:

Overall Experience:

The school had alot of hands on training that I liked. I graduated in 2011 and got a job lined up after my first week. They really do prepare you for actual job scenario. No complaints really just if you go there take it seriously and there shouldn...See Full Review


Don't Go!! Says:

Overall Experience:

This school is a horrible decision. If your thinking about going to school to become a commercial do diver seriously reconsider...overall dive school was interesting and we learned a lot but lt all comes down to getting work and there is barely any.....See Full Review


Diver 1 Says:

Overall Experience:

Absolute bullshit school. Go to Commercial Diving Academy in FL. Overpriced tuition and overpriced gear. The owner could care less about students and their success. Spend your GI Bill somewhere else!...See Full Review


DiverPro Says:

Overall Experience:

owner is a [darn]! school is a waste of time and money. Tuition has gone up with no help with job placement. She speaks to instructors and students with little or no respect! Go to the FL school!...See Full Review


Luv2dive Says:

Overall Experience:

Recent graduate from Divers Academy and had a great experience. I didn't have any of the issues some of the other reviews complain about. The teachers were very good and worked with me (I didn't have any welding experience). The school is in a new bu...See Full Review


social bookmarking service Says:

Overall Experience:

Ganz89 I really like and appreciate your blog article.Really thank you! Want more....See Full Review


Adriane.N.Reynolds Says:

Overall Experience:

The school director is an absolute nightmare. She treats everyone like they are lower than dirt and walks around with a cocky attitude like her "[darn] don't stink". The instructor turn-over rate is ridiculous. In four months of attending the school,...See Full Review


check it out Says:

Overall Experience:

eKl3om Thanks-a-mundo for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome....See Full Review


diigojht Says:

Overall Experience:

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Overall Experience:

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Overall Experience:

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Wefekskw Says:

Overall Experience:

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Overall Experience:

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Overall Experience:

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cjedsx Says:

Overall Experience:

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ehlobqyzi Says:

Overall Experience:

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Jwxvnbal Says:

Overall Experience:

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sucker Says:

Overall Experience:

the president of the school is a ruthless horrible person. there are no jobs the only way to make money in this industry is to open a school. lots of promises of big money and upon graduation they inform you it's only 9 dollars an hour work.THERE IS ...See Full Review


Disgruntled030 Says:

Overall Experience:

Owner Tamara Brown is an absolute disgrace. The most unprofessional person I ever encountered. Whether you are a student or employee she treats everyone with no respect and she will humiliate you in front of your fellow peers without blinking an eye....See Full Review

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