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i went to AIM in houston, but from what i hear dallas is the same. ok i have a lot of insight on the way this school was keep it short. i went to both AIM and REDSTONE. i would much rather go to redstone any day of the week than AIM. redstones curriculum is superior to aims and their stats as far as the success rate for the school( people who actually grad and get an A&P) is much better than AIMs. all across the board redstone is much better than AIM in my matter what anybody tells you. you will need to know math( at least algebra level), be outgoing and ask questions, and about 80 to 85 percent of the school is in a classroom, and the rest in the hanger. do your homework about the school before you go sign up, if you dont it may bite you in the rear. and if your wondering if the reason i wrote this is because is because i simply was a bad student who couldnt hack not, i grad with a 4.0 and top of my class. i would be more than happy to share any info with anyone who wants it. im only doing this because TOO MANY people start the school expecting something different and end up quitting and being stuck with a loan payment and no A&P. if you have any questions email me: robertgamboa33805 at yahoo dot com
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Mechanics, Precision, and Construction
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Certificate or Diploma
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