Ten factors to consider when choosing a school or college

  • Tuition & Additional Costs – Can you afford the costs?  Have a plan.
  • Location – Does the school have a nearby campus, online courses, both?
  • Program Selection – Does the School offer a broad array of courses or just a few very specialized courses (what is right for you?)
  • Student to Faculty Ratio – How big is the average class size?  Do you interact with teaching staff?
  • Career Advisers or Mentors – People who care about helping you…
  • Interested, motivated students – Can you learn and share with your fellow students?
  • Alumni Network – Can you easily contact alumni?  Great resource for helping you find that next job.
  • Challenging Materials – Will the programs and courses help you learn, grow, etc?
  • Schedule Flexibility – Are there online courses? Weekend Courses? Night Classes?
  • Proof Positive – Will this school get you where you want to go? That answer is up to you.

What do you think?

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