Learn about colleges on YouTube

Believe it or not, colleges and schools are using YouTube as a way to market themselves to potential students.  The days of thick, glossy, photograph-filled brochures are over: we’re talking serious multimedia. 

YouTubeSchools such as California State University, Notre Dame, Boston University, Sonoma State University, and Northwestern University have dedicated channels where a significant amount of school information is available for viewers.  It’s a controlled environment (for the schools) to present all types of videos, links, and marketing materials to give potential students a feel for what that school is really like.  Some schools already have 100+ videos available on their respective channels.

 Overall, the idea is great for future generations who are much more reliant on the Internet for research and getting their information.  The shift to online, especially YouTube, allows colleges and schools to reach a truly international audience without additional effort.  The same videos can reach anyone in the world with a good Internet connection.

Read more about which colleges are doing what with YouTube at the Washington Times where Sonja Barisic highlights the new marketing trend in her article.

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