An Insider’s Take on Nursing School and the Nursing Profession

Below is an excerpt from the blog, Wounded Healer – observations of a Nursing Student. It’s written by a resourceful and insightful student in the midst training and learning what it takes to become a nurse in the US.  This is a great blog for anyone who wants to know what it’s like to be in nursing school.  Enjoy:

Is Nursing a Profession?

I know what you’re thinking – dumb title for a post. I couldn’t agree more actually. Let me explain.

I just completed my third week of nursing school. So far it has been a whirlwind – staying on top of the reading, back-to-back 4 1/2 hour long classes, figuring out how to navigate through the school’s labyrinth of confusing bureaucratic crazy-making tasks and cumbersome online tools cluttered with redundant and verbose syllabi, an endless sea of Powerpoint presentations, the constant flow of emails from fellow student who are just as confused as me. For the most part these last three weeks have seemed disparate and chaotic, but I feel like things are slowly starting to coalesce, to congeal. Things are starting to granulate, like a well-dressed wound.

My last class of the week, Nursing Theory, is perhaps…

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