Should You Go To Cooking School? – Informative Article by David Lebovitz

Many thanks to David Lebovitz for sharing his wisdom & advice on the topic of attending culinary school. Find out what he is eating in Paris at his site

David Lebovitz is a culinary author/writer & instructor, and he was previously named one of the “Top Five Pastry Chefs in the Bay Area” by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Should You Go To Cooking School? – By David Lebovitzculinary school

So I gathered my thoughts to help the undecided. Over the years, I’ve added a bit (namely including some links to blogs) and although I’ve added bits of advice that I’ve considered over the years, I’m finally posting it on the site.If you’re thinking about becoming a professional cook, whether or not to go to school may be the ultimate question for you to ponder.

There are some very good culinary schools, but in general, I think it’s worth getting some experience either in a restaurant kitchen or bakery before you decide to invest a lot of money in education. Perhaps the work is far more challenging than expected or the pay is going to be far (very far) lower than what you’re making as, say, an anesthesiologist.

Should You Go To Cooking School?

Over the years…

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