Career Profile – Pipelayer, Plumber, Pipefitter, and Steamfitter

plumbingThese professions, although different, are similar in many ways. They all involve working with pipes and water or steam systems of some kind.

A plumber would generally be the one you as an individual would have contact with for your needs at home, but the laying and fitting of water and steam pipes produce very common and very lucrative jobs also.

Plumbers are generally required to be licensed. Training to become licensed can be found at career or technical schools and community colleges but most receive it in apprenticeship programs with on the job training.

To be a plumber you must:

  • Have solid knowledge of proper tools and applications on the job
  • Be able to diagnose a problem at its source
  • Be able to work in confined spaces and underground if necessary
  • Have 144 hours of work on the job to be licensed

Growth in the plumbing industry usually matches the national average of 10%. These jobs are the most lucrative and sought after in the construction field and licensed individuals, particularly anyone with welding experience, should have no problem finding work.

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Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor

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