Career Profile – Security Guard or Surveillance Officer

security guardSecurity guards patrol and inspect property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, and illegal activity.

They use radio and telephone communications to call for assistance from police, fire, or emergency medical services as the situation dictates.

Security guards write comprehensive reports outlining their observations and activities during their assigned shift. Gaming surveillance officers act as security agents for casino managers and patrons.

Common responsibilities include:

  • Inspection of property to detect theft or vandalism
  • Patrolling an area to prevent criminal activity
  • Calling police, fire or emergency medical assistance if necessary
  • Writing detailed reports and witness statements in necessary
  • Testifying in court if necessary

Unarmed security guards usually are not required to have more than a high school diploma but may be required to pass a criminal record check and a drug test.

Gaming surveillance officers usually have a higher education level but a Bachelor’s degree is not required. Job prospects are good because the field is so large and positions range in pay from $18,000 a year to $46,000 a year.

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Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor

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