Career Profile – Nuclear Medicine Technologist

nuclear medicine technologistNuclear medicine is another form of diagnostic imaging similar to X-ray or MRI.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists administer a radioactive substance called radiopharmaceuticals and then monitor their effect on the body.

To become a Nuclear Medicine Tech you need to attend a college or university for a program that can range from one to four years and result in a certificate, associates degree or bachelors.

Because the field is so small it is recommended that you also receive training in radiology or a similar field to increase your value on the job market.

Responsibilities of an NMT include:

  • Operating diagnostic equipment
  • Administering radio-pharmaceuticals and monitoring their effects
  • Communicating the results with patients and doctors
  • Making recommendations for additional procedures or treatment

The job outlook for NMT’s is much better for those who receive training in other fields. The number of openings in Nuclear Medicine right now is small but should increase with the development of new applications for the science. The projected growth outlook is higher than the national average for employment as a whole.

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Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor

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