Career Profile – Private Detective or Investigator

private detectiveEveryone has seen the TV shows where the private detective solves the crime and saves the day. This profession isn’t always that exciting but it can be.

Private detectives assist attorneys, individuals and sometimes even law enforcement agencies by investigating individuals and events.

There is no formal educational requirement to be a private detective, but if you’re going to work for a large law firm or insurance agency you may need an education in criminal justice or police science.

Many companies also look for law enforcement experience when hiring a detective. Your responsibilities working in this field are too varies to list here but here are some of the basics that are common to all detectives:

  • Have an ability to listen and observe when collecting the facts
  • Have an eye trained to look for what is out of the ordinary
  • Be able to perform searches on a computer using new technology
  • Be able to detach yourself personally from a case
  • Operate honestly and with integrity

Job prospects for private detectives are extremely good right now and growing rapidly. The number of internet based scams and criminal activities have created a need for the high tech investigator and this need will grow as technology becomes more widespread.

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Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor

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