ReviewSchools.org is dedicated to providing a reliable and easy-to-use educational resource for people using the internet to research their options. ReviewSchools.org aims to build a comprehensive database of post-secondary schools and colleges in combination with detailed customer (student & alumni) reviews. We believe this balance will help consumers make a more educated decision and help people more readily reach their professional goals. The ReviewSchools.org blog will continue to provide thoughts, ideas, and strategies for people researching schools as well more info about the project overall. In the coming months we hope to bring more functionality to ReviewSchools.org.

  • Bring transparency to the post-secondary education system
  • Initiate a dialogue between students and educational institutions
  • Highlight the importance & significance of non-liberal arts training
  • Facilitate navigation through the enormous amount of educational information available on the web
  • Help people seek out professions (especially the training they need to get there) that are inspiring, satisfying, and motivating
  • Encourage a cultural shift – allowing more people to feel proud about their professional and educational accomplishments

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