Rate Your College – It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Below is a quick demo on just how easy it is to share your college experience on ReviewSchools.org. In just a couple minutes you can help all the people that are searching for the right school: Rate your college today. Help improve the higher education system…one voice at a time.   More: 3 Reasons to […]

Google Maps + ReviewSchools.org = SchoolFinder

ReviewSchools.org now has a nifty Google Map integrated with all the schools and colleges on the site.  Here are 3 simple  steps to find colleges and schools near you: Go to the SchoolFinder page Enter your city,state (ie New York, NY) or your zip code (ie 60606) Pick how far away you want to look (miles: 5, […]

Top 5 ways ReviewSchools.org helps you research your school options

Searching for schools or college?  Below is what ReviewSchools.org offers you to help make an educated decision: Reviews – what do students and alumni say about their schools Quick Facts – key information about each school to help you compare Easy Search – search by location, name, program areas offered, and (zip coming soon) Complete listings – ReviewSchools.org strives […]

ReviewSchools.org beta – Live with more than 6500 schools

ReviewSchools.org now has over 6500 schools and colleges listed in the US!  We are working hard to add more schools and resources related to post-secondary schools.  ReviewSchools.org is unique since it encourages current students and alumni to express their opinions and review their schools.  This open dialogue is especially helpful to potential students looking for options. […]

Ten factors to consider when choosing a school or college

Tuition & Additional Costs – Can you afford the costs?  Have a plan. Location – Does the school have a nearby campus, online courses, both? Program Selection – Does the School offer a broad array of courses or just a few very specialized courses (what is right for you?) Student to Faculty Ratio – How big is […]

What’s in an Education? (part 1)

Why do we go to school?  Often this simple question is outright ignored or casually dismissed.  Youranswer should be absolutely unique.  We all have a tendency to group and bucket things, but for once you really should have an answer that is like no other.  We are not all made to get perfect SAT scores.  We are […]

Finding the Right School

What do people look for in a good school? That’s the goal at ReviewSchool.org – to answer that question.  By creating a complete database of schools that are all shapes and sizes, we can provide an easy to understand snapshot of all your options.  With the additional input from current students and alumni – this complete school overview will help people […]