Rate Your College – It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Below is a quick demo on just how easy it is to share your college experience on ReviewSchools.org. In just a couple minutes you can help all the people that are searching for the right school: Rate your college today. Help improve the higher education system…one voice at a time.   More: 3 Reasons to […]

How Culture Influences Higher Education

In my humble opinion, the negative perception about community colleges as well as many vocational schools when comparing them to traditional 4-year colleges and universities- is driven by a competitive American culture… The most obvious example of competitive culture is in the sports and entertainment industries. It’s absolutely rampant in both. For instance, every major […]

Great Article on the Importance of Community Colleges in the US

Mary Beth Marklein recently wrote a great article (one in a series) about US community colleges, how they are perceived, and how they are evolving. The article discusses the role of community colleges and why a negative perception still exists. It includes some great personal stories and anecdotes about real people and their experiences at […]