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Education Starts Here

Phenomenal what one small voice can do… Success in education, whether, primary, secondary, or college – is really driven by one’s belief in oneself & others. Discovered this video thanks to Andrew Chen and jyamasaki. Dalton Sherman is the charismatic young man who wows the Dallas School District crowd.

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3 Reasons to Review Your College Experience

Your review is valuable to more people than you think. Sharing your own story, rating your college, and reviewing the overall experience can make the world of a difference for potential students who need all the information they can get to make the best decision. Your review (and many others) is fantastic way to give […]

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Dear Change.gov, Our Education…

Change.gov has invited Americans to share their vision of what America can be. Here is our response: Education, in all forms, affects/influences every other major issue. The short term educational issues that face this country are vast and varied. The decision process will be difficult, and there will be no free lunch. However, the educational […]

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Rate Your College – It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Below is a quick demo on just how easy it is to share your college experience on ReviewSchools.org. In just a couple minutes you can help all the people that are searching for the right school: Rate your college today. Help improve the higher education system…one voice at a time.   More: 3 Reasons to […]

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An Insider’s Take on Nursing School and the Nursing Profession

Below is an excerpt from the blog, Wounded Healer – observations of a Nursing Student. It’s written by a resourceful and insightful student in the midst training and learning what it takes to become a nurse in the US.  This is a great blog for anyone who wants to know what it’s like to be […]

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Thinking through the online education phenomenon

The phrase, Online Education, refers to many different things.  Online education ranges from one-time training seminars to entire Master’s programs.  It is amazing how much you can accomplish through the Internet.  But before you sign up, you need to think first, then decide.  There are always pros and cons to any decision.  Here are a few common […]

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Ways to get an Inside Look at a potential college or school

Shadow a student or spend a day attending real classes – get a sense for the culture and atmosphere Find Someone on a social network…pick one.  And introduce yourself as a prospective student.  See what they have to say about their school, their experience. Meet with a professor or academic adviser one-on-one.  Ask as many questions as […]

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Ten factors to consider when choosing a school or college

Tuition & Additional Costs – Can you afford the costs?  Have a plan. Location – Does the school have a nearby campus, online courses, both? Program Selection – Does the School offer a broad array of courses or just a few very specialized courses (what is right for you?) Student to Faculty Ratio – How big is […]

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