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It's very difficult to write a review for Alliant International University, considering I'm in the computer lab and the computers are about 7 years out of date. Professors: Most of the Professors are too busy to give you the time of day . . . good luck finding your advisor. They spend most of their time quoting themselves. A lot of the professors are graduates of the school who couldn't get a job anywhere else. Practicum/Internships: They offer very little help when it comes to finding any internships/practicums. It boils down to: Here is a list of place we will let you work at . . . good luck." very bad match-up with APA internships, mostly CAPIC. They manipulate their statistics on their website to make it look better. Most APA Internships won't consider you if you go to a professional school like this. Student Life: What Student Life? No one spends time together. We all hate each other or are too stressed out writing a paper that our professors will publish with their own name on it (with no mention of the real authors) Administration: Old boys network anyone? The top professors are all good friends and alternate who will be director for a few years. Most are very grumpy and see you as a cash cow that should be more stressed out so you don't talk to them as much. The current director is bipolar. Classes: Weird. From super unorganized stuff you should have learned in undergrad to complicated subjects that are breezed over. Assessment method: This all depends on your prof and the mood that he/she is in. Could care less about your life. One of the people in my program had cancer and they said "too bad" 2 c-grades and your out. Politics: Do you like politics? If you do this is the place for you. All of the schools at Alliant International University (marshal Goldsmith, CSPP, Undergrad,) and all of the programs, Clinical, forensics, business, Marriage and Family, PhD, PsyD and Masters hate each other. it's like watching a [darn] fight over resources. If you complain they will find a way to have you "drop out" of the program. Campus/Resources: The campus I know (San Diego), is horrible. Most of the classes are in portables. It's $40,000 a year per student and they refuse to build a new building. The buildings they do have are old military buildings from 1970. The resources are 2 computer labs with ancient computers, 1 lecture hall (scipps theatre) with mostly broken seats and a really laking library. Finances: There is no way you will get a schoolarship going here and it's $40,000 a year. Hello $200,000 debt. Students aren't there to learn . . . they are there to pay tuition. Time: 5 years for a PhD, 4 years for a PsyD, 2.5 for a masters. They seem to do anything that they can to stretch out your stay here, and then blame you. I have been going here for a long time and regret accepting. I went into my program with an open heart and an eagerness for my subject and this school could have cared less. They are so poorly managed and see students as obnoxious cash cows. They have "I wish I was" syndrome. They wish they were stanford or berkley so they ride their students to the brink of insanity so that the faculty's reputation will improve. They don't care if you complete your degree. It almost seems like they push people to quit so that they can get as many students to pay as much tuition as possible. I love my field (used to anyway), but I do not love this school. Do yourself a favor apply somewhere else, anywhere else . . . Siberia University sounds much better to me.
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Health Care and Medical
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Doctoral Degree
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Clinical Psychology
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