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This place is a joke, very outdated from the front of the building to the back. From what was once a school with over two hundred students, to now a dwindling low amount of I would say twenty students, it's a shell of it's former glory. They do not advertise in any way shape or form, no newspaper, radio, television, etc., and with two corporate institutions in the city of Bakersfield, there's no competition at all whatsoever, for this mom and pop shop, especially when a corporate school is right across the street from this dump. I would fully advise if anyone was interested in the career field of cosmetology to most likely not look into this school. For one thing, they do not even use professional salon products, since that is a large part of the beauty industry, the other two institutions do, and it's incorporated with their training, this school doesn't. I still have yet to understand why this facility doesn't. It wouldn't hurt if this dump were to use professional salon products. It might be the cheapest school to attend, and it definitely shows that it is, from their broken down equipment and lackluster of updated decor. To their outdated methods of teaching, instructing, and demonstrations. I fully believe that one would receive a much better quality education with higher standards of excellence in education at one of the two new modern well equipped corporate clean institutions in Bakersfield. From what I gather, the owner who ever he/she is doesn't seem to give a [darn] about their institution. I think who ever this person is only gives a [darn] about themselves, and the money they make off of the students to live, which is very selfish. It would be advisable for who ever this person(s) is or are to start caring, and financially put some money into their business, especially advertising, social media is a big way to advertise. A very inconsistent dumpy facility.please write at least 4-6 sentences
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