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I spent my entire childhood wanting to go to Stanford, and when I got there I found it wasn't the idealized place that I always saw in my head. This was both good and bad... Stanford unfortunately has a lot of people who swear up and down that it is heaven on earth. They develop tunnel vision while they are there and lose all perspective of the outside world. These are the people that spend every summer on campus, stay on the Peninsula after they're done, and generally refrain from socializing outside Stanford-based social circles. That said, you're going to find that anywhere you go. As long as you keep your perspective about you and you focus on finding your own niche, Stanford is a wonderful place. The campus is beautiful, the weather is spectacular for most of the year, and you will find things at Stanford that you won't find anywhere else... whether it's world-class sports or student theatre or mind-blowing courses. Knowing what I know now, I would make the same decision that I made 10 years ago. Stanford isn't any better than anywhere else, but it will give you plenty of opportunity to make it as great a place as you want it to be.
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Liberal Arts, Sciences, General Studies
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