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What can be said about IADT that wouldn't lead to sever brain trauma? First and foremost, the financial aid department nearly forced me to take a loan that I didn't need, even after I fought with them for 3 weeks showing them that my account balance had met the necessary tuition. When I contacted the head of financial aid, she refused to speak with me on the matter. The campus is filled with students who are fresh out of highschool and have little to no respect for one another. There is a meager percentage of student body who given proper instruction or direction would find themselves wondering why on earth the equipment provided for them by the institution is not only out of date, but in scarce supply. To list some of the problems facing a video animation student at this school are as follows. The inability to access necessary supplies as they are needed, a green screen room that is a pitiful 10x13 room with as of my graduation no floor sweep. This is of course the same room that has the motion capture cameras...9 of them. Comparatively a company that works with motion capture normally has 15 - 30 cameras. If this wasn't bad enough, the closet located in this room is where you record voice over work. Mind you this is not a nice luxurious walk in closet, oh no, it's a dinky 3x4 area. Before you ask, no... there is no sound proofing to the room what so ever, so yes... you will pick up a mouse squeak. Now, I doubt I would be so harsh had my tuition not been 65k, although with loans and interest my bill is actually a whopping 137k when all is said and done in 2024. Not only did this school made me wish I had chosen another school, but forgone school all together, because as a video animator, not only do you not need schooling, but anything you could possibly hope to learn about this craft can be found online at various shops for about 50 - 100 dollars a tutorial. Not only can you personalize your education this way, but save 63k. In parting IADT is a terrible school for strong creative students who wish to create something great.
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Design, Communication, and Arts
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Bachelor's Degree
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BFA Video Animation
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