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Loyola is an amazing Jesuit university. At the core of their mission is "cura personalis" -care for the individual, and it pervades the campus. Honestly my professors really went out of their way to help me at every turn possible.rn The academics are extremely strong however the students are very collegial offering notes when needed. The premed program is second to none in the city. Although the university is no longer financically associated with the med school, it helps if you did well at Loyola undergrad to gain admission. rn I studied Greek and Latin there for 4 years. The professors are incredibly knowledgable and are willing to get to know you outside of class. My class size was often 2-6 people, but that is the exception to the rule. rn At the time I studied there they were in process of restructuring the finances. Many professors and grad students were upset and there was an air of dissatisfaction on campus. Now the campus is vibrant and Loyola has its finances in order. They are setting enrollment records every year.rn The student body is an excellent mix of every race, color, and creed. And with the redline stop on campus you have access to anywhere in the city you could want to go-24 hours a day.rn Great School. It gets my highest recommendations.
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