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I completed the two-year online MA special education program. The program's quality was poor overall. Assignments were monotonous and poorly designed. There was virtually no collaboration with other students and absolutely no interaction with professors. While I understand that most of a distance on-line program's courseload must focus on independant assignments, there is no excuse for such a deficit in interaction. Particularly with the technology available today - which was suprising underutilized. If only to have occassional Q&A sessions using at least Skype. Or have a real-time discussion forum. Or post a video lesson once in a while... The faculty was frequently in turmoil/transition and about 50% seemed unqualified to administer an online course (in both content knowledge and course design). Twice professors were "replaced" for one reason or another either mid-course or right at the beginning of the course. It seemed that every staff member - including my program advisor - was notoriously difficult to reach for even the simplest of questions. I would estimate that 80% of the faculty was downright unresponsive. As an older, more experienced student, I was generally disappoined in my experience. The program has potential but doesn't deliver. Bottom line is that this program is not worth the money (about $20,000 total). I have attended much more efficiently-run online courses through different universities that are actually worth your hard-earned money.
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Master's Degree
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MA Special Education
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