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I graduated last year with a PhD in Public Health from Walden University and have since realized that it was a complete waste of my time and money. Sure the knowledge that I gained was wonderful, but I cannot get anyone to accept my degree as a reputable degree. I have since fallen back on my MBA for employment. Walden�s name in the marketplace is not good. The professors at Walden are usually professional and competent. Walden does an excellent job at recruiting seasoned professors from other schools to work part time at Walden. They can do so because the classes are canned. No matter who you have, the class is the same. Individual instruction or attention is not an option no matter how much trouble you may have or promise you may show. The administrative staff at Walden is abysmal. Their turnover is high, politeness is rare, and the departments refuse to talk to one another. Most of the complaints that I heard while going through school was of the distance of the administrative staff. I don�t think that anyone expects an all online school to be exactly like a traditional campus, but it really doesn�t need to be so unfriendly and inept. Take it from this graduate: find another school because this one will not help your career.
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