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I started out as a BFA in Film. I did receive an excellent freshman year education. I just did not fit in with the my peers. I ended up moving to the BSc program for Marketing, Branding, and Public Relations. It is extremely hard to find a good business program that also includes art. It's not easy. The BSc program at MCAD is a full time job. You are constantly working with real clients. Many times you have an internship at the same time. Its a juggling act, but it's worth it. We have a very high rate of students getting jobs in their filed, around 95%. The BFA program has a 72% rate of students getting jobs in their field, which is actually pretty high for an art school. If you love art, but you are better at concept than actually getting down on papper or a computer, I'd suggest the BSc program. You get to work with actual clients (no pay though). You make new contacts almost every week in the industry (which is mostly advertising). My favorite part of all, you really do get to shape your own education. Jerry, the head of the department, is great at helping you find the internships and classes you need to get into your preferred field. Heck, MCAD isn't even a music school but I've been able to work my way into that industry.
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Business, Management, and Marketing
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Bachelor's Degree
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Bachelor of Science
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