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McNally Smith prey's on the befuddled minds of young adulthood that are filled with hopes and dreams. If you are an inspiring musician then you already have exactly what McNally Smith plans to "develop." I went through two programs and must say I am completely disappointed in how they treat alumni. My credits wont transfer to any other program and I left the college with the same amount of knowledge as when I went in. I now have horrible debts to be paid and do not have the income to cover them even at a managerial level of pay. I was also displeased that there are faculty present that do not posses a High School Diploma, and this same person teaches a class on resume writing which I learned more from a book I checked out at the library than I did in that class. If you want to be successful, stay away from McNally Smith, unless you already have unlimited income. When looking at colleges make sure that they are Regionally Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. This will ensure transfer of credits, time, and money you will spend on college. Companies look for people with excellent communication abilities both written and spoken, McNally Smith offers neither. Please do as much homework as you can about the colleges you plan to attend.
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Guitar Performance and Recoring Technology
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