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I attended McNally Smith back in 2002-03 and had a great experience. I feel like the classes prepared me really well for the world awaiting me after graduation and got a lot of personal guidance from my teachers. I've heard other alumni talk about some of what they viewed as the negative aspects of the school, but when you look at the effort those critics put into their own post-grad careers, it is clear that they expected the school to hand them jobs after their schooling, and never considered that their unemployment might be the result of their own lack of effort. While nobody in this industry gives hand-outs, the career center staff continues to be there to help its alumni forge new relationships and get feet in doors. I can't even put a monetary value on the education and networking opportunities I got from McNally Smith, and anyone who feels differently should probably look less to their college and more to their skewed sense of entitlement when evaluating what went wrong.
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Business, Management, and Marketing
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Associate's Degree
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Music Business AAS
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