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i think i can accurately rate lecole as being a terrible "school" lead alone one that teaches cooking. i work at a private dining club in stl and i learned more there in the first month than i ever did the entire year i spent at lecole, bottom line they dont care about your education, they wont make you a chef and the stuff they teach is pretty useless in the real world. the one thing they do care about is your money, they will do whatever it takes to get you to stay there thats why you have to only show up once every eight days but you have to have an 80% attendance record to graduate so by that point they dont care, they have all your money. my honest advice, find a good kitchen you want to work in and start at the bottom, if you are worth their time they will teach you well.
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Culinary, Hospitality, or Personal Services
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Certificate or Diploma
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culinary arts
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