Babyfuzza's Review: Hohokus-Hackensack School of Business and Medical Sciences - Hackensack


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I was naive when I decided to attend this program. There is no externship program at this school and it is impossible to gain entry level employment for more than 8 dollars an hour, if you get that upon graduation. THIS SCHOOL HAS NO EXTERNSHIP PROGRAM AND THEIR PLACEMENT DEPARTMENT IS A JOKE! All they care about is getting you that student loan, which you have to pay back, but will end up working in a diner like me....which is exactly why I went to school, to move up and on with my life. Crud...I am bitter and extremely dissapointed. I should have gone to Berdan in Totowa. Every physicians office I attend has interns from this school, many of which are hired upon graduation. THEY MAKE IT SOUND GOOD, HARD SELL, SCHOOL IS HORRIBLE, EVEN IF YOU ARE GETTING THIS FOR "FREE" THROUGH A PROGRAM. Do not sell yourself short! Do your homework unlike me I rushed and it was down the street from my home. Good Luck!
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Health Care and Medical
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Certificate or Diploma
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