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i wish i knew what it was like before i signed on the dotted line -- i wanted an education -- it is a waste of time at Harris School of Business -- teachers are pulled from classrooms -- if a teacher is absent you do no work for that day -- holidays are announced the day before and you must make up a day if your classday falls on a holiday -- this is difficult if you also work and plan your education around your work schedule -- most teachers do not even have a basic Associates Degree -- i would have been better off going to a community college - but i thought i would be better off and in the workforce faster if i went to Harris -- no one cares -- the teachers ane faculty do not care about educating the adults that now have student loans to attend the school -- you hear rumors everyday that this teacher or that teacher will be fired -- it is not a stable environment -- i am learning because i am self-teaching myself from the books i have -- i would never recommend this school to anyone
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