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Class of '51 60 years ago! I have seen incredible chnaegs, Those chnaegs will keep on happening, I was a kind of physics and art major, not understood then. I think I had a kind of notion that the world wold soon become a different place. I wanted a little phone (Think Dick Tracy) I could wear on my wrist . I had trouble with math .I desperately wanted a calculator . even my wildest dreams are now true and commonplace! The seeds are planted! The technology will continue to be invented and developed. The coming world will be complex in a way we are not seeing now.When I was a little kid, there was one of me.Now for every one of me there are 6 more for everybody!!!!Everybody on earth.!!!Central has a place in educating the people who will make critical decisions about that coming world.Their problems will be great, because so far technology knowhow as outrun the ability to cope with it. People do not basically change. Coming leader/inventor/deciders will need the psychological tools to look to a rational larger unselfish kind of vision They need to be educated to be able to make these practical ideas really work. Educationalinstitutions will face unprecedented chnaegs. They need to have the moral strength and conviction to continue to convince their students that there is a larger vision to follow, and importantly, give them the tools to make it work!The decisions the teachers and administration are making now are going to be important.Computers technology yes! A must. But comtemplation, training in logical thinking are important too. Perhaps learning how to express oneself well is important too..Poetry, music,fine arts are part of an extradinory life.Learning how to interpret and understand the news, the meaning of what we are seeing and hearing, may be much more important than most of us think it is today. Thanks for Listening! Jeannie Pitts
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