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John it is so good to see you post again, I have missed you and your sanrihg your memories. I have been feeling their presence all morning, telling me to get busy and do something, anything but being sad and listless. They were always such doers that time was wasted if you showed nothing completed at the end of a day. So as I think of them and remember, I am going to carefully get out my ladder and clean the pine needles out of my rain gutters, I will rest an watch an occassional Christmas movie to help occupy my mind and let Christmas eve in. As evening comes I will fix myself something nice and healthy to eat, and then take a warm bath and close my eyes and remember. Yes there are tears and there are smiles, my heart hurts and my mind is on constant replay of the years shared. Last night just after dark as I was coming in from outside I looked to the sky and saw the brightness of Venus, could it be the star of David I asked myself? I have always been fasinated with the brillance and mystery of this planet. It is a ruling planet in my life and I am reminded of the love that has come into my life. God has such mysterious ways of talking to us! If you get a chance over the next two nights, or any night you think of it, go out and spend a few minutes looking at the star and remember those special moments in your life and then send your message of love to all of those who are no longer with us here and especially David, DeDe, Luke and Ryan as we experience this first Christmas really without them. I believe you will get the blessing of feeling their presense and their love very stongly I hope to read more messages about your Christmas holidays, not only of the past but of the present and what you did to celebrate at this difficult time. Again, I wish each of you the blessing of Peace and Love! I hope to spend shared moments in 2012!
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Security and Law Enforcement
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John it is so good t
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