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Speaking from my personal and faimly experience only, I would say that Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City (obviously in Oklahoma City, OK) is one of the best programs in the state (at least as far as 2 year programs go). After that, it would probably be the University of Oklahoma's Health Science Center in Oklahoma City, OK or Oklahoma State University's Health Science Center in Tulsa, OK.My mom was in the third graduating class at Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City (OSU-OKC) which was an AS in Nursing. Several years later, she got into the University of Oklahoma's Health Science Center program to get her BS in Nursing.I'm not sure if Oklahoma City University or the University of Central Oklahoma even have nursing programs, but Southern Nazarene University (in Bethany, OK) and Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond, OK may also have nursing programs because they are private colleges.As far as competition goes, I do know that you have to take at least one semester of regular classes at OSU-OKC before you can be accepted into their nursing program. But, on the same hand, if you have good scores and attendance and such, I never heard about many people being refused entirely from the program.Also, the advantage of going to a 2 year university and getting your RN as an Associates of Science means that you can go directly to work as an RN, then work your way through your Bachelors of Science while still earning a living from being an RN. Just a thought although I didn't go in to nursing, I did a similar thing when I was in college, getting my 2 year degree then working through getting my 4 year degree.I would suggest that you write, call, or email the nursing departments at the various school in the areas you might like to live and have them send you information on their programs. Most of the staff members are very helpful and more than willing to answer questions about their programs.Also, last but not least, Oklahoma is a relatively economical place to live so long as you have a car. We technically have a public transportation system, but it's much more of a joke than functional. As far as rent goes, you'd be looking at between $350-500, depending on what kind of place you were willing to settle for. Of course, there ARE places more expensive than that, if that is your kind of thing.I'll include a couple of links for OSU-OKC's nursing program, as well as a link to the Daily Oklahoman's classified section so you can sort of browse cost of living issues.Hope that helps! Good luck to you!!!-mk
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Business, Management, and Marketing
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