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This school is very disappointing and substandard. There has been a lot of turn over in the school within the faculty and some good teachers have been laid off. Their marketing is very keen but is definitely a smoke screen for a school full of dysfunction. Once you get into the school and pass the admission process, there is a lack of presence (another words when you go to the open house it seems like everyone is there to assist you but when you actually enter the school the guidance is limited) and although I have experienced a few strong teachers, the majority of teachers seem to be there to get a paycheck. It's a shame because you get the sense that this was once a program worth being a part of. You can kind of see that there was something there to begin with but unfortunately the people higher up don't seem to have a real sense of the important factors and needs of students in this type of profession. Perhaps it stems from the fact that the president of the college is an attorney and what does an attorney really know about running a massage school? It seems like she spends more times trying to get news coverage and cover pages in the local paper than actually tending to the needs of the students who are paying for an education. Also I always wonder why there are inappropriate and unrelated photos of Mary Roads and a toy company hanging all over the walls in the admin department. This seems odd to me. I definitely would not recommend this school for anyone pursuing massage therapy. There doesn't seem to be a vast array of choices in NY unfortunately. You have Swedish Institute which is very high in price and this college so I feel a person who has a calling for the work but doesn't necessarily have a broad range of choice as far as great education. As for particular examples of NY College dropping the ball, I have witnessed several cases where they put students in classes before they have taken the prerequisite classes. The student ends up barely passing and struggling for sometime through the program because of the weak foundation in the subject or failing and having to repay/retake the course. Also the advisors don't seem to pay attention to what the student actually needs to progress and often time misadvises the student or does not forewarn them of upcoming necessities particularly in specialized cases. A good many of the supplemental reading materials have several errors in it. Syllabuses are not updated so the page numbers do not coincide with the latest edition. Tables and skeletons are broken; there are often not enough head rests for the tables. There is a lack of support, structure and often times an undisciplined and chaotic environment because of the aforementioned. Also there have been times when I've encountered a teacher who gave misinformation as well. It’s scary to think that one has to constantly check the educational materials for errors.
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