School of Communication Arts

3000 Wakefield Crossing Drive
Raleigh, NC 27614


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    At least 2, but less than 4 academic yrs
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    Private for-profit
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- Computer and Information Technology (IT) - Design, Communication, and Arts -

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Reviews by Students and Alumni


evilauthor Says:

Overall Experience:

Here are some facts about the school. In the one year I taught there (in the audio dept), the school’s director: Debra Hooper faced 2 separate charges of harassment and discrimination before the NC labor board. Staff and faculty at the school turne...See Full Review


Vlad Says:

Overall Experience:

Complete waste of time and money. You can learn the things they are supposed to teach you elsewhere for much less money.

I was there for Digital Film Production so I can only talk about that part...Technology there was sub par, teachers lacked kno...See Full Review


anonymous student Says:

Overall Experience:

DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!! I used to go to this college and it's not all it's cracked up to be. Do your research before you consider going to LAC!! This school has changed their name so many times now it's pathetic; they do it to avoid lawsuits. If y...See Full Review


VictoryAbsolute Says:

Overall Experience:

Their credits DO NOT transfer ANYWHERE. I graduated from here and I wish I had saved my time and money. The teachers I did end up liking left once they realized what kind of establishment it really is. They also fired an employee that was my favorite...See Full Review


Jbw92 Says:

Overall Experience:

The instructors give very valuable information to an upcoming creative like myself. They helped me discover the value of the tools instead of making a purchase without the knowledge.

When it comes to developing your abilities and ready for your ca...See Full Review


Blaze Says:

Overall Experience:

This school wasted my time and money. I took up audio here and I learned nothing here that I didn't already know on my own before I came here. They lied to me before i enrolled about the course's they offered and the things that i would learn about. ...See Full Review


metaldrumr02 Says:

Overall Experience:

I first attended for Digital Animation in 2002 when they were not in Wakefield, and at a much small er location off of Capital Blvd. The update to their current location was great, but I got just enough of an education in animation to figure out tha...See Full Review

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