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I went to the career center for multimedia and digital design. I was there for 2 years, and prior to that I had taught myself Flash and Photoshop and was very proficient with digital cameras and camcorders but I wanted to learn more. The first year was the usual prerequisite garbage, stuff I already knew...the instructor said next year we'd start doing advanced things; that was fine with me, so I stuck to it. Second year comes around, and rather than learning anything new, it's the same thing as the first year, just a bunch of busy work to get us through the second year. When I protested this, I was told that she was teaching only what she was required of her by the state. It was ridiculous, and to top it off the teacher is a complete [darn]; she's unnecessarily and destructively critical, and good work gets thrown in the trash because she finds it inappropriate. The instructor's religious faith is constantly a source of problems in this much for separation of church and state. The teacher is a teachers union representative as well, so she never gets reprimanded for her draconian and neanderthal teaching methods, and even though she has received a torrent of complaints, no one in the administration will do anything about it, probably because they don't care. The instructor lacks proper understanding of computers, as well as half the programs we use on them, constantly asking students for help. I found this class to be horrific in standards, and the only way to revitalize the class to any form of progressive and creative learning would be to get rid of the teacher. The entire administration is a bunch of hicks, so don't expect any type of decent or intelligent help from them either. I have never been so disgusted with any educational institution in my life as this one.
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Design, Communication, and Arts
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Certificate or Diploma
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Certificate of Completion in Multimedia and Digital Design
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