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The in classromm instruction is great. Getting to the classroom is quite difficult in regards to navigating through financial aide and housing issues. The financial aide office and housing office is less than accommadating to questions in regards to their own areas of hire. You are then left to figure out major life decions without guidance at all. The housing situation on campus is a real problem in the Madison building. The common areas are in disrepair and by no means cleanly. When issues of this nature are addressed to front desk or in a meeting, you are instructed that the cleaning staff has been through. When then pressed for some resolution to these issues that were obviously not taken care of that day or even that week, or maybe even that month--you are given a series of people to contact from the building itself to housing personnel and bosses in other building! All to no avail as the filth and disrepair continue in the student living quarters. Their are some major structural repairs being made at the madison building itself. That warrants constant construction noise and daily fire alarms with evacuations to street level. Upon the return to your floor, do note that one very small elevator is the only means to get to your upper floor. This building,I do describe,is the guaranteed housing building for freshman, of course. Which u are spending top dollar on without any discount for construction noise, alarms and water shut offs. Less I forget the daily amount of dust during construction. Fellow students, instructors and the campus,other than the dorm, live up to my expectation.
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