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If you enjoy Christian Legalism at its best, North Greenville is the place for you. The school believes that drinking is a sin, under any circumstances. It actively seeks out drinkers by sending Resident Assistants into Greenville to catch students drinking off campus grounds. If you are caught, you are expelled. The school also conducts random car searches to try to catch you bringing anything illegal onto campus grounds. If you are accused of drinking, then you are assumed guilty until proven innocent. You are forced to take a lie detector test, and if you refuse, you are expelled. You are forced to make you bed every Wednesday and must submit to a room search that same day. If you refuse to make you bed, the school reserves the right to cut off your cable or internet, or send a picture of your room to your parents. The housing staff treat you more like children than adults who pay their salary. If you are ever in trouble, they call your parents without asking you, assuming you to still be a child. The school forces you to attend chapel twice a week and sit in assigned seats. Like a Nazi rally in Germany in the 1940's the Ra's stand, facing the student body, making sure everyone is paying attention. If you are not, then they will mark you absent for the service. You receive a chapel grade based on your attendance. The school also believes any interaction with the opposite sex in a room is wrong and you are forbidden from crossing the curb to the opposite sexes dorm. If you walk into the opposite sexes dorm, you are expelled, no questions asked. The school declares this is where "Christ Makes the Difference" yet aspects of forgiveness and redemption are not parts of its policy. I am not writing this because I was expelled, I graduated with a high GPA, but I must admit, many changes need to be made to my alma mater before I would consider telling anyone else to go there. The repressive attitude of the school hinders education freedom. The school heavily edits the school newspaper and does not allow anything negative about the school to be printed. The school has no academic reputation to speak of. It admits nearly everyone who applies. Further, the school is unknown outside of Greenville, SC. I live less than 2 hours away and it is rare if someone has even heard of the school, much less have a favorable opinion of it. Due to the school's lack of reputation, you'd think they'd have a good website that explains the greatness of the school, etc. Instead, they have a rundown website, that looks like it has not been updated in years. In fact, I graduated in 2005, and there are still pictures of people who graduated when I graduated on the website. Further, the school does help you find a job or apply to graduate or law school. I tried asking the faculty, teachers, etc. for help, but I knew more about the process than they did. If you want to be a pastor, teacher, or missionary then this is the school for you. Those that I knew that were business majors, now work at Wal-Mart, or call centers. The school's "job fair" had great paying jobs like: the police department, summer camps, and the army. No job at the job fair paid more than 30k (except for the Navy auditing service). Overall, the school's faculty were cool, and cared about you as an individual, though some clearly were at the bottom of the teaching field. The school is in a great location, beautiful scenery. You'd be able to enjoy it more if everyone did not go home on the weekends. The school's policy against male and female interaction indoors tends to force everyone to go home every weekend.
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