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This program taught me all the BASICS of hairstyling. I Think in that regard it was a good school. The school actually remodeled as I was there and continued to after I graduated in 2001. Being one of the 10 percent that actually stuck out the career, I have now moved on to working in san francisco at a very high end salon. Upon graduation I moved on to a 2 year apprenticeship program and learned more advanced techniques to polish my skills. For me this school allowed me to follow my passion in design and art. If you are passionate about doing hair then this school is good for you because it allows you to bring out your unique personality in designing hair. I have to say, I think it is a much more individualized school than Gene Juarez and I would recommend this school over GJ any day. I've had the opportunity to work with may people that attended GJ and they are all the same artistically with not much individualism. I believe that individualism makes hair dressers thrive. I have been in the business for over 9 years and I love what I do. I have worked at many different types of salons at many price points and have moved on to San francisco at G squared salon. I have many 5 star reviews online and have built a clientele In a short amount of time here in SF. I attribute all my success to Greenwood Academy because they are who taught me about the business and artistic side of hair design. Jocleyne
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Design, Communication, and Arts
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