About ReviewSchools.org

ReviewSchools.org in a Nutshell - College Reviews

ReviewSchools.org aims to be a complete higher education resource ie colleges and schools. Given the importance of open communication between students and schools - we offer a place for students and alumni to voice their opinions and share their college reviews. With simple, easy-to-use navigation, people can make learn more about their options for college.

The Big Picture - Impacting Higher Education

  • Bring transparency to the higher education system
  • Initiate a dialogue between students and educational institutions (post-secondary schools, colleges, etc.)
  • Highlight the importance & significance of professional & technical training
  • Facilitate navigation through the enormous amount of educational information available on the internet
  • Help people seek out professions (especially the training they need to get there) that are inspiring, satisfying, and motivating
  • Encourage a cultural shift - allowing more people to feel proud about their professional and educational accomplishments