Importance of Creativity in Education

Creativity can help bolster and re-invent that institution known as education: Sir Ken Robinson provides an insightful perspective on what education is capable of doing now & in the future in terms of embracing creativity and intelligence. A fantastic breakdown of intelligence: Intelligence is diverse. Intelligence is dynamic. Intelligence is distinct.

Cost-conscious students look to save on college

Prospective college students and colleges themselves must get creative with how to address tough times ahead. Especially when the word “recession” is in the back of everyone’s mind. A flurry of articles about increasing community college enrollments & other cost-saving strategies highlight that students are looking for good deals as the economic downturn affects college […]

Should You Go To Cooking School? – Informative Article by David Lebovitz

Many thanks to David Lebovitz for sharing his wisdom & advice on the topic of attending culinary school. Find out what he is eating in Paris at his site David Lebovitz is a culinary author/writer & instructor, and he was previously named one of the “Top Five Pastry Chefs in the Bay Area” by […]

Learn about colleges on YouTube

Believe it or not, colleges and schools are using YouTube as a way to market themselves to potential students.  The days of thick, glossy, photograph-filled brochures are over: we’re talking serious multimedia.  Schools such as California State University, Notre Dame, Boston University, Sonoma State University, and Northwestern University have dedicated channels where a significant amount of […]

Baltimore community colleges get boost from federal grants

The article below, written by Ryan Sharrow at the Baltimore Business Journal, highlights the positive impact of targeted government funding.  Baltimore and Washington, DC currently have labor shortages in construction and hospitality services that can be addressed through professional & career-focused training.  The Baltimore area is a good place to be if you are interested in […]

Nursing schools are in high demand

The National League of Nursing completed a poll that shows admissions have gone up for nursing students as well as graduations (degrees granted).  Although the trend looks at rates in 2006 the demand for nursing staff has remained very strong throughout 2007 and into 2008.  Many schools are re-investing in their nursing programs to answer […]

Culinary Programs Recognized as Exemplary at 2008 ACF Southeast Regional Conference

This press release (see below) from the American Culinary Federation highlights some culinary schools that have gone  above and beyond.  The schools were recognized for their excellent program offerings, teaching & support staff, student resources, and overall organization: St. Augustine, Fla., March 3, 2008– Ten post-secondary culinary programs were recognized by the American Culinary Federation Foundation […]

Thinking through the online education phenomenon

The phrase, Online Education, refers to many different things.  Online education ranges from one-time training seminars to entire Master’s programs.  It is amazing how much you can accomplish through the Internet.  But before you sign up, you need to think first, then decide.  There are always pros and cons to any decision.  Here are a few common […]