3 Reasons to Review Your College Experience

Your review is valuable to more people than you think. Sharing your own story, rating your college, and reviewing the overall experience can make the world of a difference for potential students who need all the information they can get to make the best decision. Your review (and many others) is fantastic way to give […]

Cost-conscious students look to save on college

Prospective college students and colleges themselves must get creative with how to address tough times ahead. Especially when the word “recession” is in the back of everyone’s mind. A flurry of articles about increasing community college enrollments & other cost-saving strategies highlight that students are looking for good deals as the economic downturn affects college […]

Dear Change.gov, Our Education…

Change.gov has invited Americans to share their vision of what America can be. Here is our response: Education, in all forms, affects/influences every other major issue. The short term educational issues that face this country are vast and varied. The decision process will be difficult, and there will be no free lunch. However, the educational […]

College Reviews by ReviewSchools.org

How does ReviewSchools.org review Colleges and Schools? Actually, ReviewSchools.org doesn’t perform college reviews or ratings.  We leave that up to college students and college alumni who know their schools the best.  ReviewSchools.org does ensure that reviews submitted by individuals are respectful and useful. By breaking down the college experience into areas like student atmosphere, career […]

Great Article on the Importance of Community Colleges in the US

Mary Beth Marklein recently wrote a great article (one in a series) about US community colleges, how they are perceived, and how they are evolving. The article discusses the role of community colleges and why a negative perception still exists. It includes some great personal stories and anecdotes about real people and their experiences at […]

Culinary Programs Recognized as Exemplary at 2008 ACF Southeast Regional Conference

This press release (see below) from the American Culinary Federation highlights some culinary schools that have gone  above and beyond.  The schools were recognized for their excellent program offerings, teaching & support staff, student resources, and overall organization: St. Augustine, Fla., March 3, 2008– Ten post-secondary culinary programs were recognized by the American Culinary Federation Foundation […]

Student loans might cost more, especially for students attending professional & vocational schools

The recent credit crunch has finally begun to affect companies that issue education loans.  Some loan companies are pulling out of lending all together while others are increasing restrictions and/or costs.  Which students are most like going to be affected?  Students at community colleges and vocational schools.  Why?  Students are historically less likely to finish and […]

Closing the doors – Katharine Gibbs and Gibbs Schools close 9 campuses

Katharine Gibbs originally opened as  a secretary school for women in 1911.  Over the last 90 years Katharine Gibbs Schools and Gibbs Colleges have offered training in professional programs such as business administration, information technology, design, and health care. In February 2008, the schools announced the upcoming closures of most of their campuses.  Gibbs College locations at […]

What’s in an Education? (part 2)

What types of Schools & Colleges are out there? There are many ways to compare and contrast schools such as the number of students, number of programs, and level of degrees offered (this is by no means exhaustive).  The first and most obvious is student body size.  Very large schools, such as a public state university (Ohio State for […]