What’s in an Education? (part 2)

What types of Schools & Colleges are out there? There are many ways to compare and contrast schools such as the number of students, number of programs, and level of degrees offered (this is by no means exhaustive).  The first and most obvious is student body size.  Very large schools, such as a public state university (Ohio State for […]

ReviewSchools.org beta – Live with more than 6500 schools

ReviewSchools.org now has over 6500 schools and colleges listed in the US!  We are working hard to add more schools and resources related to post-secondary schools.  ReviewSchools.org is unique since it encourages current students and alumni to express their opinions and review their schools.  This open dialogue is especially helpful to potential students looking for options. […]

It’s Thanksgiving – Go Shopping for Schools

Thanksgiving is a fantastic time of the year when most everyone gets some time off from work and can be thankful for what life has brought them.  Thanksgiving has also evolved into one of the biggest shopping events of the year.  So in the spirit of shopping – now (and any other weekend) is a […]

Post-secondary Schools & Colleges 101: Program Areas

Program Areas are simply a way to organize the vast number of courses, classes, degrees, certificates, diplomas, etc offered at different schools.  Sometimes it can be confusing when each school has a different name for a course or degree that essentially teaches the same material.  By grouping similar programs together in one area, you can […]

Post-secondary Schools & Colleges 101: Private vs Public

One simple way to identify schools is: public vs. private.  Now, how exactly does that affect you, the student?  Well, behind the scenes certain things will be run differently.  For example, public schools obviously get public funding from local, state, and/or federal governments.  This funding has strings attached – meaning the school needs to follow rules […]

Ways to get an Inside Look at a potential college or school

Shadow a student or spend a day attending real classes – get a sense for the culture and atmosphere Find Someone on a social network…pick one.  And introduce yourself as a prospective student.  See what they have to say about their school, their experience. Meet with a professor or academic adviser one-on-one.  Ask as many questions as […]