Importance of Creativity in Education

Creativity can help bolster and re-invent that institution known as education: Sir Ken Robinson provides an insightful perspective on what education is capable of doing now & in the future in terms of embracing creativity and intelligence. A fantastic breakdown of intelligence: Intelligence is diverse. Intelligence is dynamic. Intelligence is distinct.

Dear, Our Education… has invited Americans to share their vision of what America can be. Here is our response: Education, in all forms, affects/influences every other major issue. The short term educational issues that face this country are vast and varied. The decision process will be difficult, and there will be no free lunch. However, the educational […]

Baltimore community colleges get boost from federal grants

The article below, written by Ryan Sharrow at the Baltimore Business Journal, highlights the positive impact of targeted government funding.  Baltimore and Washington, DC currently have labor shortages in construction and hospitality services that can be addressed through professional & career-focused training.  The Baltimore area is a good place to be if you are interested in […]

What is Multiple Intelligence Theory?

Multiple Intelligence Theory (MIT) was first introduced in 1983, when Dr. Howard Gardner published his book, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.  He argued that traditional “intelligence” assessments (namely IQ) only acknowledged linguistic & logical/mathematic intelligences, which were too narrow and did not quite capture our intellectual diversity.  Gardner presented a framework that can actually […]

Ways to get an Inside Look at a potential college or school

Shadow a student or spend a day attending real classes – get a sense for the culture and atmosphere Find Someone on a social network…pick one.  And introduce yourself as a prospective student.  See what they have to say about their school, their experience. Meet with a professor or academic adviser one-on-one.  Ask as many questions as […]

Ten factors to consider when choosing a school or college

Tuition & Additional Costs – Can you afford the costs?  Have a plan. Location – Does the school have a nearby campus, online courses, both? Program Selection – Does the School offer a broad array of courses or just a few very specialized courses (what is right for you?) Student to Faculty Ratio – How big is […]

What’s in an Education? (part 1)

Why do we go to school?  Often this simple question is outright ignored or casually dismissed.  Youranswer should be absolutely unique.  We all have a tendency to group and bucket things, but for once you really should have an answer that is like no other.  We are not all made to get perfect SAT scores.  We are […]