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In the "Program Areas" section for MIT, I would emphasize science and especially engineering over everything else. That is what the university is most renowned for. Their EE program has to be one of the toughest undergraduate degree programs in the world. (I was not an engineering major but took several such courses including two in EE and about 5 in Aeronautical Engineering.) There isn't much academic emphasis on the arts at MIT (and I don't believe any such degrees are granted, though possibly in the graduate area). There is some emphasis on music in terms of activities (band, orchestra, choral groups, etc.) and there are for-credit music elective courses. Engineering disciplines include at least electrical, aeronautical/aerospace, chemical, industrial, mechanical, civil/materials sciences, nuclear, etc. They used to have a naval/marine engineering program - don't know if they still do. Sciences include every type: physics, chemistry (and P-Chem), life sciences, etc. (including pre-med program). There is a huge emphasis on advanced-degree programs including doctoral; when I was there the split was about 50-50 between undergraduates and grad students. There is also an excellent business school (Sloan School of Management); programs include both undergraduate (Bachelor's degree) and MBA program. All in all, a world-class university: very competitive to get into and very difficult to stay in, but rewarding, with a lot to offer.
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Liberal Arts, Sciences, General Studies
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Bachelor's Degree
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BS Mathematics
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