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20 Arco Dr
Toledo, OH 43607


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Reviews by Students and Alumni


Lovinglife Says:

Overall Experience:

Nothing from this school (PN program) transfers to any other colleges in north west Ohio, south east Michigan. I feel as though I wasted a lot of money for a poor education. The building is just flat out gross, and no one is willing to assist you wit...See Full Review


jje55 Says:

Overall Experience:

This is a great school with great people! The staff is very friendly and helpful and the students are great! The curriculum is tough but you get a very good education....See Full Review


ijateoopgagh Says:

Overall Experience:

I would never reccomend this school to anyone, I had a teacher blame the entire class of cheating,over 75% of the class failed a test &they still think its the students they will fail you for your money...See Full Review


cul8r Says:

Overall Experience:

This school is run very unprofessional. The administration take out it's stress and anger on the students. This school is worse than a high school with the cliques and it's worse amongst instructors. The time you get for lab is not used constructive...See Full Review


ross90j Says:

Overall Experience:

Heads up to anyone considering attending PSI for their LPN program- DON'T. This school lets anyone into their nursing program, including a lot of people who have no legitimate interest in nursing and are only there because they get paid by the state ...See Full Review


2cool4u Says:

Overall Experience:

i want to get into a school with wildlife photography. i want to become a professional wildlife photographer because i love being around nature in the outdoors. hanging around animals is my life. i think taking pictures of wildlife would be a great e...See Full Review


truthboutproskills Says:

Overall Experience:

In regards to the negative posting's I must say that this is an accelerated nursing course. Majority of my classmates that were not successful were the ones sleeping,on Facebook,eating n talking during lectures,complaining cuz the work load. Those no...See Full Review


lydia Says:

Overall Experience:

FOR PROFIT COLLEGE. your completed credits at this school costs a fortune and do not transfer to anywhere! so you will have to retake every required class (even if you took it at PSI and got an A) if you want to further your career! Dried out, carele...See Full Review


GAga Says:

Overall Experience:

some real nice scams to make you repeat classes, with the convenient excuse of "making competent nurses" DO NOT GO- PSI (profit scamming inst)...See Full Review

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